Scholarships & Grants

In 1992 we awarded our first scholarship. It was for only $500, all we could afford since our income consisted solely of our $10 annual membership dues, which has never been raised since our founding in 1979. 

The scholarship amount is dependent on funds availability and awarded on an annual basis. For the 2016-2017 academic year, 16 scholarships amounting to $10,750.00 were approved.

Recipients are Ashley Caneda - Chaminade University, Kelly Copeland, Leeward Community College, Christian Donahue - Oregon State, Spencer Dunaway - Brigham Young, Provo, Joshua-James Lee - Solano Community College, CA., Kelcee Namoca - Concordia University, Kawainohinakalani Navares - Humboldt State, Kyra Oda - Academy of Art, San Francisco, Sheri Quon - UH Hilo, Caley Saragosa - UH Hilo, Elizabeth Serrao - UH, Manoa, Grant Shiroma - Linfield College Jace Shiroma - UH Manoa and Jaylen Shiroma - UH Hilo, Jenna Shiroma - Hawaii Community College, Kona, Tyanna Vierra - Nevada,Reno.

Since our first scholarship was presented, we have awarded 296 annual grants amounting to $284,050.00.



Like our scholarships, our financial grants are dependent on funds availability. These grants are awarded in December and in 2016 totalled $25,290.00 and to date amount to $246,199.00.

Beginning in 1994 annual unrestricted contributions of $1,000 have been made to the Honolulu, Hawaii, Maui and Kauai Police Departments to be used at their chief's discretion for any program or project for which city funds have not been budgeted. Due to the recession, these grants were reduced to $500 in 2009 and 2010 and with the improving economy, were reinstituted in 2015. These grants have been discontinued for the immediate future as we have suspended our fundraising efforts. 

Recipients in past years were the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program, Kick Start Karate, an educational guidance program run out of the Honolulu Police Academy run by sensei instructor and Chief Lee Donahue (ret). Since 1995 an annual $100 donation has been made at Christmas to the Sisters of Notre Dame deNamur, in memory of Police Chaplain Sister Roberta Julie Derby. Others receiving grants were the Hawaii Community Foundation, Honolulu Police Community Foundation, Maui Police Relief Association, Hawaii State Law Enforcement Organization, American Jujitsu Institute, International Karate League,  the City & County of Honolulu's Parks & Recreation Department, Weed & Seed Enforcement Program, United Airlines Keiki Flight, Aha Hui O Na Makai Hauola (Police Veterans), Law Enforcement Explorer Scouts, American Youth Soccer Organization, the Babe Ruth Baseball and Makua Alii Senior Softball Leagues. Also, Muscular Dystrophy in memory of our member, the late Honolulu Police Chief Michael Nakamura, who also served on the MDA Executive Board, Crime Stoppers, Make-A-Wish Foundation, River of Life Mission, American Red Cross, the recently formed Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation and other non-profits too numerous to mention. 

A floral wreath is also sent to the funeral services of all officers killed in the line of duty. Unfortunately, this expense was incurred in 2011 due to the death of Officer Eric Fontes and again in 2012 with Officer Chad Morimoto's fatal motorcycle training accident. Thankfully, we did not experience this expense in 2015.