Welcome to the Hawaii Police Athletic Federation

News Flash: We have suspended our fundraising activities at the close of business, December 31, 2016. Contributions to support our goals are still accepted and may be mailed to HPAF, P.O. Box 1213, Kaneohe, HI 96744. Our telephone contact is (808)247-5919. 

The Hawaii Police Athletic Federation, whose members are employed or retired from a city, state or federal law enforcement agency, was incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization 38 years ago on November 19, 1979. The founding committee members served as the first executive board officers, Chester "Mickey" Dods - president, Jeffrey Yamashita - secretary and Gordon Lee - treasurer. An invitation was extended to all law enforcement personnel in the state to join and HPAF was born. Serving as president after Mickey were Rap Fitzsimmons, Billy Ornellas, Greg Hunt, Dennis Peterson, Bob Barefoot and presently, Jeffrey-James Lee.

Amateur athletics provided the initial stimulus for the formation of our organization but it soon became a secondary activity to our educational and charitable grants programs. The board decided to become proactive in community service and initiated fundraising efforts to provide scholarships and to support crime prevention, human services and environmental protection programs.

Our first venture was a basketball game at the Neal Blaisdell Center in Honolulu between police officers and football players in town for the National Football League's AFC-NFC Pro Bowl. University of Hawaii local boys, Jesse Sapolu (4 Super Bowl rings, 2 pro bowls) from Farrington High and the 49ers, Jason Elam (2 Super Bowl rings, also 2 pro bowls) of the Broncos, and Rich Miano from Kaiser High and the Jets played. Also challenging the police team were Jerry Rice, Merton Hanks, Amani Toomer, Elvis Grbac, Ronnie Lott, Roger Craig, Guy McIntyre, Dave Dalby, Steve Wallace, Ricky Watters, Jeff Feagles, Yancey Thigpen, Darin Jordan, Henry Ellard and Lionel Washington. Since police officers could not sell  tickets or solicit sponsors, we contracted with professional fundraisers to promote the game. Although the off-duty police officers and professional football players on both sides of the court were volunteers, we had to discontinue this fun event as little was left after all the commissions and expenses were paid. If you could not afford the nominal donation for a ticket, you could enter the arena with a can of spam or vienna sausage for the Food Bank. 

The Hawaii Police Athletic Federation is not an official part of the Hawaii Police Department, also known as the Hawaii County Police Department, Big Island Police Department, Hilo Police Department or Kona Police Department. Many of their officers are members of HPAF and 3 have served on the board of directors.  

We are not associated with or have any relationship to other websites listed under "Hawaii Police Athletic Federation" that offer any type of service or merchandise for sale.

The HPAF officers and directors serve without compensation and we have no salaried employees.